To Flush or Not to flush

We are usually asked ,

Should I have my transmission flushed ? and will this count as a service?

Well 2 different things really… When performing a transmission flush one way of achieving this is to disconnect the return transmission cooler line and while adding the correct type of new fluid to transmission have the vehicle idling in park. In some cases in Neutral or Drive pending how cooler flow is set up on a particular transmission.

Once fluid exiting the cooler line turns to the new fluids colour you know pretty much it is just about clean but not totally clean. Clutch frictions act as sponges so some minute oil traces are still within the transmission. This will eventually be released when driving starts and oil is squeezed from the friction plates.

Only thing remaining now to complete flush is to remove transmission pan and replace oil in pan, the filter & pan gasket.

Were is the difference in service v flush you ask.

With the service you only get to replace the fluid that is contained in the transmission pan, amongst the pan gasket and oil filter as performed on the last step of flushing.

In short the service will successfully drain about 30 % of the transmission fluid, a further 15% if the trans is an underdrive type were the flush can replace up to 95 to just under 100 % of your fluid.

So … should you have your transmission flushed??? And will this count as a service??

Flushing can upset a sensitive weak transmission, as from serving life with its old oil it now has to adapt to totally different fresh fluid. In this case new may not mean better. Kind of like a blood transfusion, as funny as it may sound.

A service may be the best way in keeping this vehicles transmission on the road longer.

As there are other methods of flushing a transmission, a particular way of flushing which in my opinion serves very little purpose as far as maintenance is concerned is the flush machines. While using these machines the operators are advised to simply suck out the old oil and fill with the new.

Hmmm, what happened to replacing the filter and inspecting the pan. Not a fan.

Hope this has enlightened you of what can work and what can be unhealthy for your transmission

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Great 1st turnout @ the Rumble

Considering the rain and overcast clouds were repeatedly warning us of what was to come, it did not keep many Mopar enthusiasts away.

They came out in droves. There was a plethora of cars that came to strut their stuff. The site which saw all cars lined up and patiently awaiting to show off their stuff was made in heaven. Chryslers, Plymouths, Race cars, Custom cars they were all there.
If the cars could talk they would expose to us that they knew we were all there to admire them and they all had our attention.

As the rain interrupted the event on 2 occasions, the officials had to make a decision keeping the safety of all racers in mind.

The event was destined to be wrapped up by approximately 5pm, instead had its curtains drop by a couple of hours.

Not before the presentation of all winners and runners up was held were they were given the generous great looking trophies.

Considering the weather kept some away we can expect 2011 (part 2 of the Rumble) allowing weather, to see some great classics come out of the woodworks.

We had a trade stand in place and fortunately was undercover.

I am hoping, as i would imagine you would be too in the organisers of the Mopar Rumple attempt the Rumble 2 and beyond.

We were aiming in including some photos for all those who could not make it to the event.
As we are still sorting out how all this software works, the photos are yet to be posted.


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The mopars are coming!!!

visit South West Automations at Mopar Rumble 2010

I will start off our very 1st blog by supporting a local event which has
been a long time waiting in the making.

Over the last 5 -7 years Australia, our friends from across the globe
U.S.A. and our neighbours New Zealand just to name some countries from many,
have seen the demand and appreciation of muscle car rise and rise.

All those who live in the country down under or have shared experience
relating to anything that involves making their vehicles go faster or look
improved will relate that the Aussies do it just as good as anyone else in
the world.

This brings me to my cover story.

The only dedicated Mopar Show is
arriving to town. Sydney
- Australia as a matter of fact.

Australia has seen many Chrysler events held all over the country in past
years, and what a terrific job they have been doing year after year. Nothing short of great family friendly days.

So what will make this event so special??? I hear you ask.

If the organisers pull it off and are able to put words and ideas into
practice, we will be seeing a great event in the making. What they have lined
up for us will be:

- Drag racing (Mopar against Mopar – friend against friend – not
restricted to race cars only,  Wow… this will certainly put an end to who is
quicker at the next garage bonding session)

- Show & shine

- Dyno testing ( the perfect way for all ego’s to Put Up or Shut Up)

- Undercover trade stands concerning everything Mopar.

- Even the big boys from Pro Stock & Funny Cars will be making an

I have personally paid a visit to the facilities were the event is being
held at, and I can safely suggest the organisers have picked a great venue to
show off its 1st ever event. Sydney dragway is amongst the best
international drag racing venues in the world.

To show our support for the 1st ever event from the Gals & Guys at Mopar
we have decided to stretch our marketing budget slightly by
supporting 2 of their drag racing categories (big block – small block).                               

I have been told the trophies handed out to the winners and runners
up are something to look out for.

We have also gone the extra mile and will be showing our support by setting
up a trade stand. So for all those Chrysler people who have had that niggling
question about your auto transmission please come and say hello. We will
love to share and educate anything auto transmission as much as possible.

We are hoping to bring you some cool photos after the event for those who
unfortunately could not attend.

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